One thing that is a good idea to do at the start of each year is to take a look at your Estate Plan.  To help you get a start on that review, here are some questions that you may want to address:


  • Has there been a change in the family?  Any newborns?  Any children adopted?  Any family members pass away?
  • Have provisions been made for the support of your Spouse and Children in the event of your death?  This means not only a review to make sure you have adequate life insurance, it also means have you considered whether your Spouse has the knowledge and skills to handle the funds to support himself/herself and the children?
  • If you are older or disabled, have you considered what you will need in the event you can no longer manage your finances?  Do you have a Trust?  Have you made provisions for a Successor Trustee in the event the current Trustee is no longer able to do that job?
  • Do you have a disabled family member who is current receiving Social Security Income (SSI)?  If you do, have you made provisions through a Special Needs Trust so that family member can take advantage of funds you want to make available for their use without jeopardizing the necessary benefits?
  • Are you or your Spouse going to need to find placement in an assisted living or nursing home in the next year or so?  And do you want to make sure your Spouse is taken care of so they do not have to suffer under the spend down provisions?  There are special planning instruments that can help achieve your goal even in this situation.  

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